artist statement

I am happiest when standing in my studio, brush in hand about to start a new piece. Those first few brush strokes are so exciting and full of hope.  I love the process of putting paint on a canvas. As layers, colors, and shapes take form I experience love, hate, awe, frustration, anxiety, obsession, and finally satisfaction and completion. I don’t love everything I finish; sometimes it seems I’ve simply liberated an idea.  The resulting paintings are chapters in my life’s story.

I am infatuated with squares and rectangles reminiscent of windows and doors. Sunlight through a window is incredibly inspiring. I’m intrigued and indirectly guided in my work by shapes and shadows cast at different times of the day.

I work in acrylics because I can quickly achieve multiple layers. I’m fascinated with color; layers of color placed in composition and revealed through implied, added or scratched texture are a means of satisfying my obsession.